I recently watched some tube videos from Little Wars TV in which they present their game system and rules for Raven Feast (recommended). Simple fast play rules using a handful of miniatures, which if your a slow painter like me helps.  As you can see in the picture I have started with a small Viking/ Danish band.  

I made a small start on scenery,  an A frame Dark Age hut/dwelling that will form part of a settlement that will feature a Mead Hall etc.  Always good to have somewhere to raid.  I used good quality art mount board for the base and structural planking and thinner cereal box card for most of the main planking.  5mm foam board for the walls.  The roof is mount card with PVA soaked hanging basket liner.  And one glue I really recommend for scenery even MDF buildings is UHU glue, great for card, foam board, drys quickly.  

A start on the Saxons, a Huscarl and a Fyrdman.  By moving the arms with a pair of long nose pliers and by wrapping the arm with a small piece of cloth the arms can be moved, but don't do this too much or too quickly, just a small adjustment at a time or the metal will overheat and snap.  The building in the back is a new addition to the settlement, its a grain store built much the same way as the hut, except its on balsa stilts, and the walls are daubed with a stippled watered down filler.  

Again a mix of building and miniatures, a couple more fyrdmen painted up and a pig sty, the building is built in the usual way but I have added a wattle fence.  The base of the building is made of 3mm MDF, into which I drilled staggered holes and then glued cocktail sticks into the holes, let these dry for at least 12 hours, then cutting strips of cereal box cardboard 2mm wide weave these in and out having first brushed wood glue onto the sticks.  When dry brush over whole fence with wood glue to harden. Any question please feel free to ask. 

I have added a couple of Norman light archers, and although they are listed under Normans they are generic and I will be using them for my Saxons and Vikings in the Raven Feast game.  In the background I have made another A frame Dark Age hut/dwelling, this has been built in exactly the same way as the first one.  

More Saxons, sorry pictures a bit dark, as we say in the Highlands its a 'dreach day' snow and all.  The figure on the left is the Saxon minor Chief or he could be a Select Fyrd,  the figure on the right is the Saxon Huscarl but of course he could be a Norman.  I have also painted up the Monk from the Medieval range which is generic.

This picture shows my Mead Hall,  I have cheekily copied the idea from the Raven Feast you tube videos,  it has a lift off roof on the watchtower and also on the main building, again built the same way as my other buildings.  If you would like dimensions for any buildings please feel free to contact me.  The collection of miniatures and buildings continue to grow.  Inspiration can come from many places, I have been watching 'The Last Kingdom' series showing on Netflix and as much as the historical dress is nonsense, it's a good watch.  But what is interesting is the way they dress their sets,  I will be adding fencing, barrels, scratch built carts,  market cross etc, and also an idea for a chapel.   

Three more Saxon Fyrd to add to my collection, these are from the Lamming Plus range,  happy with how easy these were to put together the cast on shields make a difference.  I am working on a scratch built market cross at the moment of which I will take a picture as soon as it is ready. 

Finely got the Market cross done, this is based on a cross in the Last Kingdom series, I have used mount board and 5mm foam board for the base and a balsa cross.  Again stippled with wet filler so as to give texture for the dry brushing.

Some more Vikings/Danes painted to add to the warband, sorry about the picture its a bit dark,  good daylight is hard to get this time of year. I will redo the photos at some point.  I will be making a game board shortly so I will take a few photos then.

Just made a palisade for the Mead Hall, this took some time to build, but I will get use out of it. The base is made from three layers of 5mm foam board with barbecue skewers for the palisade.  Card was used for planking as usual.  Next more figures and a gaming board.